About the Men of Mercy

The Men of Mercy iz dis pSychological dRama written and directed by A.H. Furlong. Itz about dis seventeen year old chic called Sinclaire. Well she done, did relocate herself to LA.  Not by herself though.  She gone thare with her widowed mama and her little bro.  Her mama done lost her man a short time ago like 'de other day you know. They - like most folk - got dis hope of starting anew - huh!  But you know things don't happen like you want them to!  Dis time gangs get in da way and Sinclaire, well she just 2 small town, naive, you dig? Not sure wot's gonna happen, you know.  It done look like trouble.   She is goin down into dat abyss of drugs and crime.  No 1 know if she gonna  survive.  Anyway - she won't eva be da same.

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